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Publications & Thought leadership read more

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High achiever to high performer? Executive coach Claudia Lantos explains how to change gears, as featured in:

Three things effective leaders are mindfull of.

Leaders who disconnect: Why we should learn from them

Why suffering setbacks could make you more succesful.

Is being a high achiever serving you?
Morning routines are great to set yourself up for success and make the most of your day
The beauty of continuous learning and improving, and practice what you preach
Going into a coaching engagement definitely requires some courage to be vulnerable
Meaningful connections, dialogue and psychological safety…. vulnerability is key!
Practicing mindfulness helps you to focus sharper and ignore internal and external distractions.
How does failure set you up for success?
Saturday wisdom: “Increase levels of neurotransmitters that affect happiness, like serotonin and dopamine, by doing things that make you feel good.
When preparation, consistency and confidence in your abilities are aligned, it’s a winner!
How does success look like for you?
For a leader to be effective and manage a high performing team, self-awareness is key.

My article in the
Business Chicks Australia
LATTE Magazine

Woohoo! Stoked to have my article in LATTE, The Business Chicks Australia Magazine. I hope you enjoy the read!

Book launch event

Monday 6 May 2019

For years I wanted to write a book but couldn’t quite decide on the best topic. Until my good friend and peer Megan Tait pointed out to me that sharing my insights and learnings from turning adversity into an advantage, would also help other people. It is a story I know so well from both my own experience and from the leaders I work with in my executive coaching practice. We all face adversity in life and business, and sometimes it’s not clear how that could actually increase our adaptability, resilience and decision making. It is my intention that the book is helping you to do just that. I was approached by Kath Walters, my book coach, in December 2018 if I wanted to write a book, and 5 months later everything fell into place. I was lucky enough and very thankful  to gather an amazing team around me to actually make it happen. Here are some pictures of the launch event and celebrations. I hope you enjoy them!


Bookstores carrying my book!

Dymocks Book Store George Street, Sydney

Harry Hartog, Book shop, Westfield, Bondi Junction

TITLE, Bookshop, Barangaroo

Abode Homewares & Giftshop, Bondi Beach


Claudia's take on Executive Coaching (November 2017)

As Claudia has done many hours of coaching training and has and still works closely together with them on several pro bono future leaders coaching programs, IECL (The Institute for Executive Coaching & Leadership) interviewed her to shine a light on her personal coaching approach. Have a look if you like to get a better feel of what you can expect working with Claudia and how you can benefit from it. At the end of the video she also elaborates on what’s needed to build a coaching practice.

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