Risk Appetite or Risk Aversion?

by | May 18, 2020

Where do you find yourself in these uncertain times regarding risk taking: are you comfortable taking risks or are you more risk avers? 

There is so much change leaders need to adapt to, and at the same time leaders need to instigate change. This requires thinking power and focus.

Thinking power in the sense that leaders now more than ever need to take time to reflect, anticipate, prepare and action next steps for a conversation or decision. Even if it’s only 5 minutes thinking things through. There are so many unprecedented issues and topics to deal with, impulsive or fearful decision making will not serve us or the people involved.

On the flip side, leaders also need to be mindful not to get stuck in too much detail and looking for certainty in developing a plan. It’s so easy to get stuck and delaying progress, frustrating others in the process.

If leaders can see the current climate as an opportunity to be confident and courageous, to think creatively, seek innovation and personal and professional growth, instead of analysis paralysis, we will come out thriving at the other end.

Love to hear what your risk strategies are and how you inspire others? 👍