Do you find it hard to make decisions while under pressure?

by | May 30, 2020

Decision making is the process of identifying and choosing alternatives based on the values, preferences, beliefs and assumptions of the decision maker. 

When we’re under pressure and we want to make a decision quickly, our often critical or negative selftalk and attachment to emotions and feelings, can really hold us back from thinking things through rationally. 

We are all great at assuming what the other person might think. Before we know it we build our whole reality and actions on those assumptions. 

Effective decision makers however, remind themselves to take a minute to challenge those assumptions in their minds. They first shift to positively articulating what they’re actually trying to achieve based on their values and how to best deliver that message.

This way they can have a more genuine and authentic conversation demonstrating curiosity about the other person’s perspective and get more context and information to make a solid decision. 

Time is of the essence in business, now more than ever.

Shift your decision making and think things through calmly, detaching yourself from emotions, feelings and assumptions involved.

What do you think?👍