The WHAT and the HOW.

by | June 12, 2020

For most leaders, pivoting the business services or repurposing production in these times, is a no brainer. 

That’s about making and executing a plan: The “WHAT” or “doing”.

Next to adapting the business to this new reality, and change in general, we also need to pivot or shift our leadership style.

That’s about demonstrating the right behaviour and role modelling: The “HOW” or “being”.

Shifting your leadership is to reflect, anticipate, prepare and action your best approach, the “HOW”:

– How do you lead to be effective?
– How do you get buy in?
– How can you influence?
– How do you have that difficult conversation?
– How do you create headspace?
– How can you delegate?
– How do you role model the right behaviours?
– How do you ask for help?

You know WHAT you need to do, but HOW?

In The Shiftability Show episodes, we hear from some truly inspiring leaders, HOW they fuel their thinking power & focus and adapt their leadership to be more effective.

If you missed the first couple of shows, make sure to check out the 10mins video interview series here and fuel your leadership :

Enjoy and please share a comment below if you can relate?👍