Providing thinking power & focus for leadership adaptability & effectiveness


  • are a high-performance, focused and driven leader

  • are in a highly complex and demanding role

  • are adaptable, resourceful and a continuous learner
  • see most challenges as an opportunity

  • want to stay on top of your game


  • are only human

  • sometimes feel overwhelmed by  demands and pressure

  • need to increase your confidence and establish effective positioning
  • feel exhaustion and frustration as a result 
  • and you need to be more adaptable, strategic and authentic as a leader.

LANTOS Executive Coaching

Start using your strengths to the fullest and learn to anticipate, prepare and action next steps, finding new approaches through more effortless decision making. 

Learn how to manage your peak performance
by increasing your thinking power and adaptability,
focusing on the core top skills modern leaders require*:

Complex problem solving, Critical thinking,
Creativity, People management

*according to the World Economic Forum’s 2020 Future Job Report


Strengths and value based, behavioural change coaching

The signature SCENARIO THINKING FRAMEWORK™ methodology

A partner in crime to challenge your thinking and hold you accountable

International experience and no-nonsense, pragmatic, warm approach and direct Dutch communication style


One on One

Transformational leadership development, for leaders in organisations and small business owners


One on One

Customised personal and professional reflective practice, for in- and external Executive Coaches

Business Coaching

One on One

Business Coaching and
for Business Owners

What Is Coaching?
Who is Coaching For?

The IECL (The Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership) articulates the definition of coaching as a structured conversation with measurable outcomes. Coaching is a collaborative process which identifies and removes any interferences that limit potential.

For leaders in demanding roles, dealing with complexity, who want to thrive instead of survive.

Increasing leadership effectiveness for self and team
Role transition (first 90 days) and stakeholder management
Building high performance team and 2IC management
Anticipate and prepare effectively for challenging future operational and strategic situations
Building strategic confidence, relationships and effective positioning

About Me

 Being a strengths based coach for high performers, I help leaders to act and remain at Peak Performance level. This is where the right amount of stress challenges us, and where we work most effortlessly, in flow, to achieve our goals. This is the state where we’re enjoying utilising our strengths to the fullest and where we’re most creative, productive and effective as a leader.

However, high performers are generally pretty hard on themselves. Being driven by making things happen , can make it hard to take time for self reflection. So it’s important to be equipped with the right skill set and behavioural flexibility to thrive. If the status quo is not right for you, let’s do something about it!

“Only accept the Status Quo that’s right for you.”

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Claudia Lantos LLM, PCC, executive coach

The Adversity Advantage


How to manage your peak performance in a world where complexity is the norm? Mastering the Scenario Thinking Framework™ will help you to navigate your way through adversity with confidence, increasing your leadership adaptability, resilience and decision making. Thrive, instead of survive.

“With Claudia’s warm personality, she demonstrates confidence and creates a safe setting in which she’ll hold a mirror and encourages you to achieve your goals with new approaches.”

Head of a Business Unit of a major, global bank

“Claudia is a structured, positive and energetic coach with a sound business understanding. She helped me to better position myself and empower my team more.”

Business Controller at a Global Dairy Company

Claudia is able to utilise her emotional intelligence and openness/accessibility to contribute quickly to the personal development of employees, achieving greater effectiveness in their working environment.

CEO of an international retail chain


Appreciating the insights and best practices gained from business partnering with longtime clients, Claudia offers a complementary coaching program for future leaders, on a discretionary basis.

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