Time to redefine “success”.

by | April 8, 2020

What would succes look like for you now? 

Adapting to this new world, where change and WFH is the new normal and where meetings are held via Zoom and such, where lockdowns are restricting us to refrain from gathering outside in groups and shopping is only allowed for essentials, we start to value our basic rights and joys far more.

We start to really appreciate the “small” things in life like reaching out for more meaningful connecting. And the things we can’t do for a while, like a hug or a handshake, having lunch together, being part of an exercise group, going to the movies etc., almost sounds like a distant memory.

But we are also starting to become more resourceful, empathetic and compassionate towards each other.

So when we now think about success, what will real success be for us going forward?

How about: helping someone out, checking in with those extroverted colleagues for a quick chat, sending recipes to those who find it hard to cook for themselves, brainstorming with peers on how to solve a problem or make a decision.

Let’s celebrate the “small” wins more and let’s make it our mission to make someone smile or feel better every day.😁👍

More suggestions are welcome!