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Your “Keep shifting!👍” water bottle

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The Shiftability Pocket is meant as a dip in, dip out book for some quick inspiration.

Whether you’re sitting behind your desk, hanging out at the beach or in the park on your break, we got you covered! Stay refreshed with your Shiftability water bottle. Refreshing has never been this easy!
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About the Author

As a sought after Executive Coach, Author of The Adversity Advantage and Host of the Shiftability Show, Clau’s passion for Shiftability is obvious and contagious.
In this handy pocket, Clau will share her insights on how other leaders have pivoted, adapted and successfully changed gears in their leadership journeys.
So you can make the most out of YOUR leadership journey!

About the Book

Your most powerful tool to quickly shift from struggle to flow – Whenever you need it!

This pocket will be your most powerful tool to quickly shift from struggle to flow. It will inspire you to take action whenever you need to increase your leadership adaptability, whilst staying authentic and effective in your approach.