Remember to shift between states: from high achiever to high performer.

by | May 22, 2020

Being a high achiever can be exhausting. In my book The Adversity Advantage I describe that leaders under pressure tend to shift to high achiever state:

High achievers are laser focused on the what (doing): action taking, hard on themselves, going alone, not political, no to status quo, more reactive than responsive, loosing followers.

High performers are focused on the how (being): including and enabling others, thinking things through, weighing up different perspectives, leading the way to progress and richer outcomes.

Obvious costs are involved.

How to shift?

– Look at bigger picture instead of task 
– Share train of thought for buy in
– Slow down: reflect regularly for thinking power
– Let others play their best role contributing.

Connecting and achieving together for performance makes your life easier.

For me, working with my EA Bec, Mentor Rowdy, Coach Sam & Richard, Supervisor Kerry, website developer Joost, designer Liz and marketeer Raoul is team work and provides more fun, flow and fulfilment. 

Don’t get stuck in your own thoughts and approach. 
Keep learning and adapting together.

Have a great week!👍