Turning Adversity into Advantage, by using humor.

by | April 14, 2020

Now that most of us are WFH and we’re getting used to this new normal, one thing in particular helps us to cope: humor.

The Covid-19 funny memes came up quick and are providing us with some much needed light heartedness and reflection. 

By looking at ourselves through a different lens, making fun of our irrational behaviour when we’re in panic or stress, a self deprecating joke goes a long way. 

My translation of the essence of a Psychology Today article (see in comments), is that using humor in times of adversity has many benefits:

🔹 Psychologically it makes us feel better. Laughing helps to relax the brain so that we keep our thinking power
🔹 Physically it benefits our circulation, lungs and muscles (belly)
🔹 Humor helps us to deal better with pain and adversity, it takes our mind of things for a moment and let us reset and rethink 
🔹 Socially and culturally it helps to influence and smoothen a tense person or situation 
🔹 Humor boosts our creative prowess

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