Business Coaching

Sounding board and Accelerator for Business Owners



“The growth and success of a business, is often directly related to the personal growth of the entrepreneur behind it.”

Business owners / entrepreneurs


Are usually driven by ambition, passion, optimism, an open mind, resourcefulness, perseverance and self motivation.

Having high energy, resilience, always seeing opportunities and a can do attitude with that twinkle in their eyes when they start talking about their vision and purpose. 

But it’s not always easy to keep up all those great skills and characteristics. Working with a Business Coach helps you to build on your success, whilst continuing to enjoy growing and evolving as a business owner/entrepreneur.

Benefits of Business Coaching

Having a sounding board in building and growing your business, attracting the right clients

Increased awareness, resilience and wellbeing

Increase thinking power & focus, adaptability and decision making skills

Being more strategic on sustainable business goals and growth

Building confidence, keeping a steep learning curve

Challenge your thinking and stretching to your full potential

About me 

What can you expect from me as a Business Coach?

Having a sounding board, receiving honest, constructive  and encouraging feedback, helping you to come up with fresh perspectives and approaches for decision making.

My entrepreneurial DNA characteristics are fuelled by my Gallup strength profile: Empathy, Futuristic, Activator, Maximiser and Discipline.

These strengths have allowed me to: follow my instincts on my business ideas and always come up with a plan; always just start rather than to overanalyse; see things through and learn and evolve along the way; take small steps for progress and finetune consistently. 

Being an entrepreneur myself I know that building and driving a successful business is not just made up of enjoying the freedom and fun of making things happen. Being a business owner can sometimes feel relentlessly hard, confrontational and lonely: as you are the one who needs to come up with ideas to keep being relevant, to keep delivering an outstanding service or product and to keep up your confidence and self belief of being able to

make it sustainable. And with sustainable I mean consistency, both a from a commercial and financial perspective but also remaining a healthy and happy self.

As a former member of two country management teams of a global professional services group, I opened up new markets, and built new teams. I also built successful coaching businesses, both in Europe and in Australia. Since then I have coached leaders and supervised executive coaches from (inter)national organisations, supporting them to reach their full potential and helping them go from strength to strength.

I’m specifically focused on helping you increase your thinking power and focus, adaptability and decision making skills,  for personal and professional growth.

My aim is for you to thrive and to be on top of your game, helping you gain fresh perspectives, apply new approaches and maximise your strengths and effective behaviour, so that fun and making good things happen are at the forefront!  

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“Claudia is fantastic at getting to the heart of your leadership challenges and works through obstacles in a practical and insightful manner.   Her expertise has taught me how to reflect my style and approach in different settings and feel comfortable as needed to challenge the status quo. With every interaction, I continue to learn something new and she stretches me to continue to explore my thinking and approach leading teams.”

Adele Sheers, Commercial Director / Sales & Transformational Leader, Travel, Airline & Aviation industry

“I found working with Clau productive and rewarding. Even a few months on, I recognise changes in the way I do things that resulted from her coaching and find opportunities to apply what I learned. She certainly challenged me, in the process providing new insights into how I work, and therefore – how I can work better. I have felt more confident in my role as a result and feel it has improved my overall performance.”

CEO, NFP organisation

“My thinking was challenged, I learned to use new tools, and I liked how deep the TLC 360 feedback was. The Scenario Thinking Framework tm (STF) seems common sense, but it was more difficult to implement than I thought. Concrete exercises with the STF tool provided good outcomes. I also liked the mix of Claudia’s culture/background and her past experience in sports. I believe the mental mindset needs to be strong at this level.”

Tran Huynh, FD APAC, Fluidra

“Claudia is a structured, positive and energetic coach with a sound business understanding. She helped me to better position myself and my business so I could empower my team more.”

Business Owner, Entrepreneur in Consumer goods