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Business Coaching and Mentoring for Business Owners


Reflective practice

Claudia utilises a well defined and proven framework setting leaders and their teams up for success. Knowing where they want to go, she helps them to decide HOW to execute their operational and strategic goals.

Maximum impact is achieved when the individual leaders being coached are results focused high performers who are committed both to the process and to optimising their true potential.

Executive Coaching is not just some series of conversations. It’s deep diving, exploring and trying out new approaches, which will take you out of your comfort zone.  Wether you are a leader in a corporate or NFP organisation, or a Business Owner.

Engaging an Executive Coach is the easy part. Starting an executive coaching program can be demanding. If you want to see results, you (the coachee) have to put in the work, not just during but also in between coaching sessions. Claudia will encourage, challenge, guide you and give you insights, but you will have to consistently do the hard work and instil and apply the learnings yourself. 

At times this will be confrontational, but always clarifying. Achieving sustainable behavioural change and/or enhancing performance and knowing how to maximise your strengths, will be the reward.

Benefits of Coaching Supervision

Increased leaders' awareness, resilience and wellbeing

Shifting successfully from operational to strategic focus

Inspired, clarity on drivers and challenge proofed

More agile and adaptable applying new approaches

Stretching to full potential - managing your peak performance

Increased confidence, more effective positioning and knowledge sharing

Business Cases 

What to expect working with Claudia and HOW to manage your peak performance level?

Claudia helps leaders to shift from high achiever to high performer mode,  being on top of your game and the best version of yourself. The coaching is not about how to do their job, as leaders they are already great performers, but to manage peak performance. With the focus on disrupted, fast paced and ever changing organisations, Claudia helps leaders apply new approaches on specific current and strategic goals, maximising their strengths and effective behaviour.

Business Cases 

Topic: How to engage and empower your team more effectively?

Approach: Provide support with profiling team members, how to build trust to delegate more effectively and fully utilise their strengths, having clarity on their motivation.

Topic: How to get buy in from a peer with opposing views?

Approach: Get insights on how to influence whilst staying true to yourself, tapping into the most appropriate strengths, and how to set boundaries and communicate intentions with genuine empathy.

Topic: How to adapt to your leaders' different style of communication?

Approach: Learn how to speak the same language, seek to understand, clarify on expectations, whilst being composed using appropriate strengths and values more.

Topic: How to be on top of an ever increasing workload and pressure?

Approach: Strategies on how to set yourself up for success: how to create routine morning rituals, overview, tools, structure and priorities that work for you and create more headspace for strategic thinking. 

Topic: How to transition from an operational to strategic level role and position yourself better in meetings?

Approach: Approach: Support with how to manage perception and expectations. How to delegate more and empower team, building strategic confidence and manage stakeholders.

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