Team Coaching - leadership development activate and maximise high performance

“Anything worthwhile is never achieved alone. It requires solid team work to achieve those big, audacious goals that you are proud of to be a part of”.

Supporting Leadership Teams

Claudia utilises a well defined and proven framework setting the team and their individual leaders up for success. Helping teams to achieve their objectives, providing insights in their teams’ processes and dynamics,  she helps them to decide HOW to coordinate their efforts leading up to higher performance

According to Katzenbach and Smith (2003), organisational performance and change management authors, a team can be described by: “a small number of people with complimentary skills, who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals and approach, for which they hold themselves mutually accountable.” 

 Claudia helps with the WHAT, HOW and WHEN of the teams, challenging their thinking and behaviours, supporting them with the tools for gaining new insights and adopting new approaches for best outcomes. Imperative is that the team members realise that commitment to sharing insights and intentions, negotiating and compromising are all essential to align the several functional objectives to get to best practices. 

 Team Coaching Programs

Program themes examples are:


  • Team high performance, effectiveness programs and culture change programs
  • Intact team operational and strategic alignment
  • Building trust and open communication
  • Better understanding and use of each others roles and way of working
  • Creating a coaching leadership management style
  • Accountability, feedback and decision making processes

A typical structure of these programs may look like this:

  • A thorough needs analysis
  • 360 degrees assessments for the team and individual leaders
  • Team and individual 360 degrees feedback sessions
  • Offsite and onsite team workshops
  • Individual and team coaching throughout the duration of the program
  • Interim accessability for support
  • Support with cascading down the learnings

Business Cases

What to expect working with Claudia and her team of Team Coaches and Facilitators.

Team Coaching Leadership Development Programs have one thing particularly in common, and that’s the fact that the best outcomes are achieved if the programs are co-created and in close partnership with the client.
These programs are highly customised for the client’s specific organisation and dynamics, and are built on the foundation of shared knowledge and insights, providing a range of evidence based methodology and frameworks.
Claudia collaborates with a trusted group of high-profile executive coaches/facilitators (associates) to optimise the customised leadership development programs, regarding both content and delivery

Business Cases 

Topic: Developing a reputation for innovative approaches to professional development. The challenges presented by new strategic approaches came with a strong commitment to the vision, to quality improvement and to achieving better outcomes.

Approach:  By expanding coaching from the leadership team to the entire team, our client provided staff with the opportunity to build skills in a completely personalised program. The result was that staff engaged enthusiastically in the opportunity provided by the coaching program and applied new ways of working, improved in work practices and the excitement and energy of the team in trying new ideas were the result.

Topic: Client’s Management Team looking to enhance individual leadership styles and empower teams to the next level.

Approach:  Support with how to get the individual leaders and their teams more pro actively strategic, innovative and agile/thinking on their feet. We used 360’s TLC for the leaders involved and a TLC culture survey for whole of team coupled with workshops and coaching 1:1. The team solidified trust, spoke the same language and filled their tool boxes with new approaches. Promotions and increased engagement and further team effectiveness as a result.

Topic: International A-brand retailer’s Country Management Team (CMT) seeking to transition from autonomous business to part of corporate multinational, adjusting to a new framework in reporting and way of working.

Approach: Similar approach as above mentioned business case, with more focus on establishing a more effective, collaborative, customer focused culture. Provided support and tools for CMT in adjusting to the new situation .

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