The Power of Feedback

by | April 16, 2021

We all know feedback is a critical tool to keep growing as leaders, but do you maximise the opportunities of both:
️🗣 Extrinsic feedback
❤️ Intrinsic feedback

Most business leaders utilise the potential that comes from gathering feedback from employees, customers and fellow leadership team members.

Systems that most leaders have in place include:
♻️ 360 feedback
👩💼Leadership team feedback
🙂Customer feedback

Although these types of feedback are critical to succeed, there’s another type that is equally important yet often overlooked.

As the name suggests, intrinsic feedback comes from within yourself. It’s about what you, as a leader, feel as you:
🦸 Lead
️💁 Communicate
➡️ Execute

Leaders who utilise intrinsic feedback, are quickly surprised by the many benefits that come with it:
🔑 Accessible (tap into it whenever you want to)
️❤️ Honest
🆓 Free

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