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About The Shiftability Pocket

Less struggle, more flow. That’s what you’ll get from reading any of the 26 jampacked stories in The Shiftability Pocket. Having this pocket on your shelf empowers you to think clearly and feel inspired whenever you feel stuck in your leadership approach.

The three-minute stories are all it takes to put you in a state where you can be your most effective and authentic self. Say hello to your new best friend who is always ready to empower you anytime you want to regain control and shift your leadership!

About Claudia Lantos

As a sought after Executive Coach, Author of The Adversity Advantage and Host of the Shiftability Show, Clau’s passion for Shiftability is obvious and contagious.
In this handy pocket, Clau will share her insights on how other leaders have pivoted, adapted and successfully changed gears in their leadership journeys.
So you can make the most out of YOUR leadership journey!

What’s in it for you?

In the Shiftability Pocket, Claudia distinguishes ten areas that she deems vital to succeed as a modern business leader. In the book, look out for any of the icons below to quickly jump to the inspirational stories and powerful exercises that motivate and guide you to lead in the way you want to lead.


“Keep shifting!” has always been my motto in life and business, and it’s what I support my clients and coachees with most. Look for the gear symbol when you feel like shifting your leadership to a different gear.



The more adaptable you are, the more chance you have to accomplish your long term goals. Chapters with the adaptability symbol help you improve your adaptability.


Strategic focus

Working harder doesn’t help if you’re heading in the wrong direction. Look for this symbol whenever you feel like you’re focusing too much on the day to day hassle.


Thinking things through

Pushing through is not a helpful strategy. Thinking things through is. Chapters with this symbol will show you why.


Decision making

Do you feel stuck in making an important decision? Chapters with the decision making symbol will help you decide consciously.



As you will read in chapter five change is one of my favourite things in the world. Look for this symbol if you’re looking to create a meaningful change in your life.


Self reflection may be scary, but it’s a prerequisite for growth. Chapters with the reflection symbol will show you the benefits of reflection.



It may be a buzz word but sometimes a little bit of inspiration is all we need to get our flow going. Chapters with a lightbulb are most likely to energise you.


Sometimes, a break in your routine is the thing that helps you forward the most. Chapters with a breathe symbol are ideal to quickly remind you how important breaks really are.



We’re all working hard to accomplish our dreams, but what’s the point of it all if we don’t have some fun? Chapters with the smiley emoticon are great reminders about the importance of making it fun.


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Praise for The Shiftability Pocket:

“Claudia Lantos has done it again with another impactful and accessible book for leaders and aspiring leaders. This book provides some profound insights, useful tips and quick fixes for busy people in a very readable and accessible format. The way in which each chapter ends with self-reflection questions doubles the impact; you can keep on reflecting on how each concept can support you, long after you put the book down. The “dip in, dip out” nature of this “pocket guide” is perfect for our times, and the highly personal examples Claudia includes from her successful practice as an organisational coach make everything she discusses very practical and relevant. Plus, Claudia has an amazing network around her and here we get to meet many of them and learn from their experiences too. This book is inspiring and will be a helpful resource for anyone interested in shifting up their life and work.”

Mandy Geddes

Director, Accreditation, IECL

“Claudia’s pocket book offers a fresh, compelling collection of leadership insights which can help increase your own adaptability, resilience and decision making. With just 27 bite size chapters and a final chapter which offers a deep dive in to the wisdom of Shiftability, it has an extraordinary richness and enthusiasm which is instantly readable whenever you need some inspiration.”

Michael Carrington

Director Entertainment & Specialist, ABC

“Leveraging her signature conversational tone, Clau brings clarity to a series of thought-provoking leadership questions. Her pragmatic advice is sure to appeal to new leaders as much as more experienced leaders seeking to consciously consider how they lead others (and themselves) to success.”

Marjan van der Burg

Global Head of Leadership, Talent and Culture, Macquarie Group

“Culmination of diligent research. A practical, readable, and easy to apply strategies. Short and easy to read chapters with easy adaptability to any leadership style. My favourite is the ‘STF’ which I apply in my work life regularly! Really enjoyed the read, sure to become a business classic!”

Arvinder Grover

Global Head of HR, Soho Flordis International

The Shiftability Pocket is a terrific guide for any leader regardless of whatever stage they may be in their journey. Claudia has a knack of hitting a chord with questions and logic which challenges your thinking. In an ever changing environment, managers and leaders are needing to explore more than ever different ways to get the very best out of their people and often difficult situations. This guide is a perfect accompaniment to the Adversity Advantage and Claudia’s popular Shiftability Show and Dinner Conversations.”

Adele Sheers

Associate Director, Marketing & Sales Enablement, Datacom Connect ANZ

“Finally an author that recognises that as leaders (and humans on this planet) we are time poor AND we are constantly having to tackle problems that need solving with a renewed mindset and strength of conviction.  The Shiftability Pocket allows you to pull on current leadership research and theory just when you need it!  It has some new ways of looking at old challenges eg: Feedback AND it is like having your own personal coach in your pocket.  The self coaching questions in each chapter are a perfect way to do reflection on the fly!  This is a must for all leaders.  Small tip – start with the Bonus Chapter – It helps you stop and get a sense of where you are at with your own leadership state of mind.”

Nic Girard

People & Culture, PwC

“This is a pocket book for leaders on the go, it’s packed with tips and anecdotes that will help in the moment; for those times when you just need that added inspiration to help you RIGHT NOW and you don’t have time to read a novel. I love that it offers practical advice, it’s easy to read, coded to help you find what you need and it fits nicely in your pocket. Leaders new and old will all learn something new and find inspiration in this book.”

Lynne Carter

Financial Services

“Digging for gold is usually quite a cumbersome task.
With Claudia’s new book The Shiftability Pocket it’s completely different: There is (at least) one little gold nugget in each chapter – easy to find, quick to read through and always inspiring to question your own behaviour.
The Shiftability Pocket made it to my office desk and is here to stay.”

Hauke Weers

Director People & Culture North America, Thermomix USA

“When I read through the book, I could see relevance everywhere. I really liked the way you can dip into subjects that catch your eye, creating a tailored leadership exercise program for even the most experienced leader seeking to polish their skills.”

Richard Stewart OAM

Partner, PwC

“Keep this book in your pocket and you’ll be rewarded with practical, actionable tips through the ups and downs of your leadership journey. Claudia presents with clarity a powerful toolkit not just to manage change but to lead it.”

Sharon Melamed

Managing Director, Matchboard