Executive Coaching

One on one

Activating and maximising your peak performance level.

“Let me surprise you with what you’re capable of: Learn to use the Scenario Thinking Framework™ and HOW to get to where you want to be”.

Supporting you

As a coach I utilise well defined and proven frameworks setting leaders and their teams up for success. Knowing where you want to go, I help you to decide HOW to prioritise and execute your operational and strategic goals.

Maximum impact is achieved when you are a results focused high performer,  committed both to the process and to optimising your true potential.

Executive Coaching is not just some series of conversations. It’s deep diving, exploring and trying out new approaches, which will take you out of your comfort zone.  Wether you are a leader in a corporate or NFP organisation, or a Business Owner.

Engaging an Executive Coach is the easy part. Starting an executive coaching program can be demanding. If you want to see results, you (the coachee) have to put in the work, not just during but also in between coaching sessions. I will encourage, challenge, guide you and give you insights, but you will have to consistently do the hard work and instil and apply the learnings yourself. 

At times this will be confrontational, but always clarifying. Achieving sustainable behavioural change and/or enhancing performance and knowing how to maximise your strengths, as the reward.

Benefits of Executive Coaching

Increased leaders' awareness, resilience and wellbeing

Shifting successfully from operational to strategic focus

Inspired, clarity on drivers and challenge proofed

More agile and adaptable applying new approaches

Stretching to full potential - managing your peak performance

Increased confidence, more effective positioning and knowledge sharing

My approach 

What to expect working with me and HOW to manage your peak performance level?

You can expect an honest, challenging and encouraging approach from me, helping you to shift from high achiever to high performer mode,  being on top of your game and the best version of yourself.

The coaching is not about how to do your job, as you are already in a senior role, but to manage peak performance. With the focus on disrupted, fast paced and ever changing organisations, I help leaders apply new approaches on specific current and strategic goals, maximising your strengths and effective behaviour.

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Working with Claudia was just what I needed! Claudia really helped me to shift my perspective on what is important, moving me towards being more conscious in my actions and behaviours to build a team around me, using ownership rather than accountability, managing expectations and building emotional safety. Her style was a great balance of firmness and empathy, I really appreciated the support when things were tough and the focus on challenging myself in so many ways.

Siobhan Hall, Valuations Director, PwC

“Claudia is passionate about getting the best out of people. She helped me change my mindset by directing my energy into positive, productive interactions at work and finding ways to relieve the stress of working under pressure.The biggest shift for me was learning to understand and seek out the perspective of others. This has allowed me to connect with people and enjoy working together as a team which makes it easier to succeed. If you want to shift in yourself, Claudia can help you make that a reality.“

Georgina Waite,
Head of Content Business, Entertainment & Specialist, ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

“My thinking was challenged, I learned to use new tools, and I liked how deep the TLC 360 feedback was. The Scenario Thinking Framework™ (STF) seems common sense, but it was more difficult to implement than I thought. Concrete exercises with the STF tool provided good outcomes. I also liked the mix of Claudia’s culture/background and her past experience in sports. I believe the mental mindset needs to be strong at this level.”

Tran Huynh, FD APAC, Fluidra

“I really enjoyed working with Clau! I appreciate her honest and straightforward approach to coaching and providing feedback.  Clau also keeps you accountable for your learning, by encouraging you to use what you have learned during coaching in the real work environment.  I learned that, personally, I respond well to positive reinforcement, which can be coupled with constructive criticism, and I use this approach with those around me.  Treat others how you would like to be treated, and you’re sure to get an encouraging outcome.”

Scarlett Dorney, Executive Director, MSCI Inc.

Claudia has taken my professional and personal development to new heights. Her straight-shooting approach challenged me to ‘think for myself’ so I am truly accountable. In her initial evaluation, I received meaningful information and feedback that I could act upon right away—and during my work with Clau, that stream of meaningful, useful information has remained constant. She made me keep things in the centre and focus on “why” and suggested new resources so I never stop learning. Understanding your emotions and knowing how to articulate and manage them better, using the STF process helped me increase my leadership effectiveness.

Arvinder Grover, Global HRD at SFI

“Clau’s approach was refreshingly no nonsense and her advice proved very useful when it came to overcoming specific challenges I was dealing with. The many valuable tips and insights she shared helped me to develop the confidence and skills to go from managing to leading a team. Clau’s sessions were a motivational shot in the arm and I would have no hesitation in recommending Clau to anyone who is on the hunt for an executive coach.”

Dallas Krueger,Head of Acquisitions, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

“Claudia is fantastic at getting to the heart of your leadership challenges and works through obstacles in a practical and insightful manner.   Her expertise has taught me how to reflect my style and approach in different settings and feel comfortable as needed to challenge the status quo. With every interaction, I continue to learn something new and she stretches me to continue to explore my thinking and approach leading teams.”

Adele Sheers, Commercial Director / Sales & Transformational Leader, Travel, Airline & Aviation industry