Who is looking after the coaches?

by | April 3, 2020

Executive Coaches who are supporting leaders in organisations in these uncertain and ever changing times, need to be as adaptable, resilient and resourceful as the leaders they support.

But executive coaches are human too and they too, will be impacted by the pressure of the challenging decision making leaders deal with. 

So now more than ever, for a coach to keep supporting those leaders in sustainable and resourceful ways, a coach needs to be present and capable, offering a calm and safe space to reflect and reset for those leaders.

In order to do so, coaches also need their opportunity to reflect and process, and make sense or meaning of the coaching sessions they have provided.

And therefor, to support my fellow executive coaches in these challenging times, I’m offering FREE 1:1 reflective Peer Supervision sessions via Zoom for the coming 3 months, for the first 5 executive coaches (internal or external) that pm me. No strings attached. My email address is in the comments below if you like to know more.

Have a restful weekend!👍