Reflect – Reset – Reinvent

by | March 23, 2020

Reflect – Reset – Reinvent

Three themes to keep on top of mind. Fuelling our leadership effectiveness is now more important than ever.

Focusing on behavioural change is a no brainer. My motto “Only accept the status quo that’s right for you” is based on the notion of Adaptability. When we’re stuck, we cannot keep doing what we were doing, expecting to come out better at the other end. And we cannot dwell on things, but we have to do something about it.

Reflecting, resetting and reinventing yourself, both in business and in life is not always that hard. Have a go at these simple strategies:

REFLECT on how this crisis is affecting you and those around you. How are you coping and what can you do to to help and inspire others, and find more synergy?

RESET your mindset. Change any negative self talk in a can-do attitude. Know that having fear for what might happen is useless. Focus on what is within your control.

REINVENT the way you lead. WFH saves us the commute and allows more time for a morning routine of gratitude, intention setting, exercise and mindfulness. Choose your response with care, f2f via Zoom over email. Show compassion for those who need it. Focus on trust and support for your team, over getting things done.

Have a good week ahead!👍