Such a timely event

by | March 20, 2020

Such a timely event this Tuesday at the Spiritual Entrepreneur Roundtable event, facilitated by the inspiring Pauline Nguyen at her fabulous award winning restaurant The Red Lantern in Sydney.

I’m still digesting great food for thought (excuse the pun), having Pauline’s wisdom settle in my mind, and the rich conversations with an awesome group of likeminded entrepreneurs.

In these unprecedented times it’s important to realise that our behaviour and emotions have energy and are contagious. So as leaders we better choose the right purposeful behaviour, remain calm, plan ahead and think before we respond.

Next to playing to our strenghts, it’s definitely not a luxury, to not only make decisions rationally (mind), but to also use our heart (compassion), make sure we stay healthy (exercise) and fuel our soul (practice mindfulness or meditation).

So that we can show up like a leader, think and act like a leader.

Thanks Pauline Nguyen , Monica Rosenfeld , Anita Galliford , Steve Gunther , Anna Fraserkristine edwardsTania Pownall, Karla and Jessica🙏

As Pauline put it so well, be unshakable and courageous in the face of adversity!👍