COVID-19 and leadership..

by | March 19, 2020

Your current leadership in the COVID-19 situation, matters now more than ever. In times of unprecedented adversity and change, proactive leadership will make all the difference. Keep calm and think things through. It’s not a luxury. It’s a necessity. Realise that even in times under pressure, role modeling our behaviour and choosing our best responses is within our control. Conscious self management, remind yourself to think first, then respond instead of react. Approach people and issues with genuine curiosity, compassion and patience. You will learn more about the core of the issue and create more headspace for creative problem solving and decision making. And, it will help those around you to do the same. Think ahead, set priorities (use the 80/20% rule) for the team and the business. Be consistent and transparent in your communication. By anticipating, and preparing for conversations and meetings in more detail, we can ensure our messaging and resourcefulness will achieve better outcomes and follow up. Hope is not a strategy, so do make sure to anticipate and prepare for the week ahead. What will you do to set yourself and those around you up for success? Have a good week ahead!👍 hashtagleadership hashtagadversity hashtagchange hashtagadaptability hashtagthink