The Adversity Advantage



The Adversity Advantage explores how to manage peak performance in a world where complexity is the norm.
A key area is Mastering the Scenario Thinking Framework™: Claudia’s proprietary method that helps leaders navigate their way through adversity with confidence, increasing leadership adaptability, resilience and decision making.
Thrive, instead of survive.

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About the Author

The overarching message of this book is: If things don’t go your way,don’t dwell on it; take action. My motto has always been: “Only accept the status quo that’s right for you.” Then you will increase your ability to be effective and efficient in decision-making, and to be resilient.

This book is for people who are highly driven and highly active in their careers to stop and reflect on the situation they’re facing and make a reflective decision whether it’s right for them, instead of pushing through and hoping for better times. Hope is not a strategy. Action and adaption are the only change agents.
UTILISING ADVERSITY IN BUSINESS OR LIFE, FOR THE BENEFIT OF LEADERSHIP EFFECTIVENESS. Surprise yourself by what you are capable of as a leader, in a world where complexity is the norm. How can you make adversity work for you, turning it into an advantage? Claudia shows you how you can manage your peak performance through adversity and increase your leadership adaptability, resilience and decision making, by mastering the Scenario Thinking Framework™. So that you can thrive, instead of survive, with fun and fulfilment as the reward.

ANTICIPATE, PREPARE AND ACTION NEXT STEPS. The Scenario Thinking Framework™ is Claudia’s signature and self developed leadership, problem solving tool, to help you shift from a current, unfavourable situation to a future, desired situation. Be inspired by the numerous real life examples and experiences Claudia shares from her work as an Executive Coach, and from her interview with fellow Dutchie, Carolijn Brouwer, winner of the Volvo Ocean Race 2017/18.

CLAUDIA LANTOS was no stranger to adversity herself, having had 3 concussions from sailing accidents, moving to different continents by herself twice, whilst setting up her own businesses, and recovery taking up to 2.5 yrs. The learnings she took from those events, together with the insights from many resilient and amazing leaders she worked with in her career, will help you to see your adversity in business as an advantage and with some humour, as she did, developing an advantageous mindset, gaining valuable insights and new approaches to tackle almost anything, coming out stronger.

About the Book

Your most powerful tool to quickly shift from struggle to flow – Whenever you need it!

This pocket will be your most powerful tool to quickly shift from struggle to flow. It will inspire you to take action whenever you need to increase your leadership adaptability, whilst staying authentic and effective in your approach.