“Procrastinating about blaming others, or, taking ownership and setting boundaries?”

by | March 6, 2020

Excited to kick off the new CLAU. blog series, to fuel your leadership effectiveness 🤩

How to shift your self talk? So often leaders think others are limiting us or in our way to achieve something. That we don’t have a choice in the matter. We might start to feel frustrated or stressed and unsure how to deal with it. So far a reactive response was all that came out.

When we take a step back, reflect, anticipate and prepare for next steps, we can absolutely come up with a more constructive response and create a choice for ourselves.

Thinking things through will help see the matter from a different perspective. It will then allow our brain for lateral thinking. By taking ownership for our part in it, instead of blaming others for their behaviour, we start to see how we can create a more constructive response. At the same time we set our boundaries for a situation that doesn’t serve us. We don’t accept the unwanted status quo anymore and we take action to create a desired status quo, one that allows us and the other(s) involved, to progress and feel more in control.

Just take a couple of minutes: well worth it.👍