Adversity in our busy work week

by | February 23, 2020

Adversity in our busy work week comes in many forms. Challenges, struggles, stress and setbacks. Navigating against a storm and not having a clear sight of where you’re heading, will not help.

What’s better on a rainy day like today, than to allow yourself 15-20 minutes to anticipate and prepare for the week? By anticipating on adversity in your mind, you will stop procrastinating and sleep so much better.

For example you can ask yourself: What is the deeper issue of my frustration with this person’s actions? How can I learn from the mistake? How could I better delegate the work?

Then continue to work out how you would like the situation to be: What outcome would serve all involved better? Think about it in quite some detail. So that you can almost see and feel the effects of such outcome. Prepare your steps towards that outcome.

Your brain will thank you for the preparation. It will not go in fight or flight to shut down our executive part of the brain, when confronted with the other person’s response. You’ll remain calm as your brain will recognise the scenario you already thought through.

Give it a go, or read about it in my book, hashtag#TheAdversityAdvantage. Great for a rainy day!👍