The Excitement of Change

by | June 1, 2021

Wondering why I’m posting a photo of Jack 🐾 and me on LinkedIn?

Well, there’s a good reason for it.

For me, this photo illustrates one of my favourite things in the world:


In the photo, Jack and I are halfway a 1600km drive, through three states, and we’re still smiling.

Why? After 10 years of Bondi Bubble, I was keen and excited to be on our way to a new home.

Is it because I know many people in this new place?

Is it because I think it’s better for business?

It’s because I believe CHANGE:

⚡ Energises me
🤩Gives me a fresh perspective
😌 Always leads to personal growth.

Was this change easy to pull off? No. Was it scary and uncertain? Quite a bit. But so far, it has been an exciting and rewarding adventure.

A big plus is that my (inter-)national clients and I were already used to working virtually, for almost 2 years now. And therefore, I was able and daring to make the shift without causing any disruption to my work.

During the recent June Shiftability Dinner Conversations, it was obvious that I’m not the only one appreciating change.

That’s why, in this new Shiftability Dinner Conversations magazine, I’m sharing my view on change. I hope you’ll enjoy the read and that it will inspire you to:

⏸Take a pause
️ 🗺Explore a new potential reality.

Keep shifting!👍

Marjan van der Burg Robert Hendriks Gabrielle Chang David Bollesen

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